OOD Duties

OOD Rosta

Calshot Sailing Club is owned and run by its members. All members agree to do their share of Officer of the Day duties when they join the club. OODs have various roles including operating the club powerboats and start tower. Members are assigned two or three days OOD duty per year. OODs are usually organised in groups of 4 - with the less exxperienced rosta'd with the more experienced.

Duties are allocated when the programme is produced and are managed using the DutyMan software. This allows members to see their duty days and if not convenient arrange swaps. Detailed help is provided on the DutyMan pages which can be accessed here.

Attendances at OOD duties are monitored - the data being taken from the race entry sheets - it is therefore important to ensure your name is recorded on the entry sheet for the races you help with.

The information and resources below will help members in performing their OOD duties.

The club programme lists all the days on which the club has organised sailing events. To find out the days you have duties allocated look here.

Swapping OOD duties

If you have been assigned an OOD duty on a day when you can't attend the club you can swap it with another member. Use the DutyMan software to do this. You will be able to ask individual members or put a call out to everyone. Full instructions can be found on the DutyMan pages. You will also be able to see who your fellow OODs are.

Please only swap with someone of the same experience level:

(3) = Experienced (2) = Not very confident (1) = Very little experience/never done it before

The DutyMan rosta will automatically be updated with the swap details when agreed by both parties. All swaps must be recorded here.

OOD Timings

Click here to download a copy of our Guide to Timing and Activities for OODs.

Safety Boat Handling

The club organises several sessions a year of training in the use of powerboats, please look at the training page for details. The video below shows examples of how an OOD should use the club powerboats:

Safety Boat Handling