Club Programme


Calshot Sailing Club 2018 Season

Welcome to the Calshot Sailing Club Programme 2018. This year, as in previous years, we have tried to cater for the wishes of all members regardless of age or ability. Please take the time to read the information on these web pages which explain the different events. Should you require any further information or have any questions then feel free to contact myself or any other committee member.

The committee have made a few changes to the sailing calendar this year in response to the survey feedback; we hope you like it.  There’s effectively two calendars, one for those who want to race and one for those who just want to enjoy the freedom of sailing at a fantastic location.  Both event types will run in parallel and rescue cover is there for everybody on the water.

Of course, the weather and events will often conspire against us, so please watch your e-mails (the preferred means of communication) for any last-minute changes. We hope you have a great season’s sailing.

Every member has to carry out OOD duties throughout the year. For more information about OOD duties and information about how to swap duties is shown here.

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The programme shows training courses currently planned, additional training may be included as the season progresses. Further details for these and any other sessions will be provided on the website, in newsletters and by direct mailshot.

Junior and Adult Training Registration sessions have been scheduled. These are intended to give the instructors and coaches an idea of what is required and the numbers likely to be attending. If you or your children wish to take part in any training this year please make an effort to turn up. Attendance is not mandatory however it does make our life easier when organising and planning the training sessions.

The nature of training means that places will generally have to be booked in advance - please contact Andy Sutton for further information.


During club races, and other events there will be safety boat(s) on the water to provide cover for ALL club members. The designated OODs on the day are responsible for providing this cover in accordance with the Club Safety Policy . In addition we have scheduled extra sessions when the Safety Boats will be manned by either instructors/coaches or by experienced sailors who are willing and able to help with advice and informal coaching.


All members, regardless of experience are eligible to compete in any club race, entry being made on the day. All races are handicap races with the exception of Open Meetings and the Topper Grand Prix. Sailing instructions for these events will be published separately.

Races are sailed under the Rules identified in the Calshot Sailing Club Race Sailing Instructions, handicaps determined by the Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme.

Race Start times advertised can only be postponed and will not be any earlier.


As in previous years there is a family camp planned, for May, with a variety of activities taking place.  There is also planned a "sail away/night stop-over" for end of August. In addition we have also arranged some other weekends when camping will be available at the Club.  Further details will be advertised nearer the time.


All activities will be conducted in accordance with The Club's Safety Policy and recognised good practice. This policy is available for reference here and in the clubhouse.

Members must recognise that they participate in club activities at their own risk - it is a principle of Maritime Law that the skipper is solely responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew, in particular the decision as to whether to venture off the shore.