Club Membership

Calshot Sailing Club has an aim to provide facilities to allow members to enjoy dinghy sailing in all its forms. We welcome applications for membership from all.

We want all members to be happy with their choice of club - to achieve this we encourage people to visit us and see the 'club in action' before applying to join. Please see the programme for dates and times of when people will be around. Any member will be only too willing to show off our facilities and make you feel welcome. This also gives us a chance to meet you and means the application process will be a formality - all applications have to be approved by committee, it is better that we know you have seen the club and met some of the members.

If you require any further details then feel free to contact the membership secretary or any other committee member via our contacts page here.

A membership form can be downloaded here - feel free to complete and send to the membership secretary - details on form.

Cost of membership and details of boat hire available are shown below.

CSC Membership Costs

Key deposit

One-off security deposit for key to allow anytime access to the club


Joining fee

One-off fee payable by new members only


Ordinary Member

Adult member over 18 years of age except as detailed below


Family Member

A member, their spouse and children up to 18 or 25 if in full time undergraduate education


Student Member

A member aged over 18 and under 25 in full time education


Youth Member

A member aged over 16 and under 18 who is not a family member


Junior/Parent Guardian Member

A member under the age of 16 with a non-sailing parent or guardian


Social Membership

A member, their spouse and children up to 18 or 25 (if in full time undergraduate education), who takes no part in watercraft activities.



Boat Storage (based on width of boat)

Up to 1.5m


1.51m to 2m


2.01m and above


Top Rack (up to 1.5m)


Bottom Rack (up to 1.5m)


Club Boat Hire Charges (per session)







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