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May 15, 2018

Club Notice

PUSH THE BOAT OUT - on Sun 20th
Help from Club members needed

Hello fellow members,

It's that time of year when we open our wonderful club to the public and really Push The Boat Out.

This year our Push the Boat Out day is on Sunday 20th May between 2 and 5 pm.

So, I hear you cry "What can we do to help?", well first off we need to publicize it as much as possible, if people don't know about it they can't come and our event will be scuppered. Attached is a poster, print it off and put it up at work, in your local shop, in your car window, tell your friends, tell your family, share it on Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of.

Right,now we've got a few people coming I'm sure you'd like to know what else you could do? 

Well here's a list of all the jobs just waiting for lovely volunteers...

PTBO tasks
 - Run children's’ tent
 - Provide BBQ
 - Co-ordinate shore based activities, playing video (provided) to those waiting, kitting people up, briefing them, demo of boat rigging.
 - Rescue boat drivers (PB2 qualified)
 - Beach co-ordinator (allocating people to boats, logging visitors out and back in).
 - Skippering boats
 - Run reception. Registering people in and promoting membership
 - Advertising (all media types)
 - Photographer (for post event publicity)
 - General helper to do tasks as needed on the day

We'll be starting early and any help would be greatly appreciated, whether you can spend all day or just spare an hour or two,
please let Colin Smedley know on 

It's a really good day, it's hard work but great fun meeting new people and sharing our passion for sailing.

- and lots of Thanks.